ViaSport and BC Soccer approve soccer to move to Phase 2 of the Return To Play process

Moving to Phase 2 for soccer moves to the “Progressively Loosening” phase in  ViaSport’s Sport Activity Chart on page 30 of their Return to Sport Guidelines for B.C. 

The chart also provides added information on what may be allow over time.  


The activity must always comply with the distancing measures and recommendations, along with any gathering restrictions issued by the BC health authorities, including the arrival and departure of players (except for family members or persons residing in the same household).  

Introducing limited player contact in training is allowed as of August 24, 2020  .    

Limited contact is defined as players being able to come together and have involuntary contact (i.e. challenging for the ball, etc.). Games, for both youth and adult, MAY be considered as of September 7, 2020 with the following required modification:  

Limit your activities to smaller groups by having identified ”  Soccer Cohorts  ” of a maximum of 50 unique participants or up to four (4) teams. 

A “Soccer Cohort” is defined as a closed, smaller group of no more than 50 individuals or up to four (4) teams who participate in soccer activity and remain together for the duration of a phase. The intent is to try to keep the interaction to the same cohort and group of people.    

It is understood that if four (4) teams is used, the number of individuals within the cohort may go above the 50 limit (for example, four teams with rosters of 18 players) BUT it must be kept to four teams.    

  • Coaches may be counted outside of the 50 individuals if they are able to maintain physical distancing at all times (parents as well).  
  • Each cohort can be comprised of multiple teams in order to form a mini league/game play between teams within the cohort.  
  • Cohorts should be made up of individuals/teams of similar age and ability.  
  • Keep players together in designated groups and make sure that each group avoids mixing with other groups as much as possible.  
  • If cohort participants (or teams) need to be adjusted, a 2-week break between  

Based on the above information, registration deadline has been extended for LUSA programming and will remain open for another 7 days, closing at 9am on August 31 2020. 

Registration link: