2020 Spring Skills Centre

LUSE Skills Centre 1

Langley United Soccer Association is pleased to advise that we will be running a Player and Goalie development Skills Centre as part of the Spring soccer program. Both Skill Centre programs will be open to all players of all abilities.

Please note different links for Player and Goalie registrations

2020 Spring LUSA Skill Centre – Previously Player Academy is open to players U6-U16 boys and girls. Please follow the below link to register for this program


2020 Spring LUSA Goalkeeper Skill Centre – Previously Goalie Academy is open to goalies U8-U18 boys and girls. Please follow the below link to register for this program


All sessions will be instructed by the LUSA certified staff coaches. The Skill Centre will run Friday evenings on Willoughby S1.

Spring Skill Centre start date: 3rd April 2020 and end 19th June 2020

There will be NO programming on the following dates:
10th April 2020 and 15th May 2020
All Skill Centre players will receive a LUSA training jersey
The Skill Centre all ages $150.00 (60 min session) 

Player training times (provisional, will be confirmed via email)
5 – 6 pm: U6 – U10 Girls and Boys 
6 – 7 pm: U11 – U16 Girls and Boys 

Goalkeeper training times (provisional, will be confirmed via email)
5 – 6 pm: U8 – U12 
6 – 7 pm: U13 – U15
7 – 8 pm: U16 – U18

LUSA Skill Centre will follow the “Stationed Based” training model for U6 – U12 Boys & Girls.

Canada Soccer recommends a “station” approach to training. Players move from one skill-building activity to the next at regular intervals. The time spent on each activity varies based on the age of the player. This method is not only more fun for young players who tend to have short attention spans, but also allows training sessions to be tailored to an individual need.

Each training session is built around four activity stations:

  • Coordination
  • General Movement Skills
  • Soccer Technique
  • Small-Sided Games

Addressing all four of these training “pillars” at each practice session will help develop well- rounded young players with a foundation in physical literacy, solid soccer skills and, ideally, an enduring love of the game. Langley United fully support the Preferred Training Model.

What are the benefits to the players?

  • Lots of variety
  • Opportunity to meet new friends
  • Work with different coaches
  • Lots of activity
  • Very little down time
  • Get to play the game while learning
  • Are able to express themselves
  • Creates an environment where they can fall in love with soccer
  • Caters to their various attention span’s
  • Great learning environment
  • Access to the best available coaching at the club

Player skill centre will also focus on the individuals:

  • Ball Mastery
  • Passing / receiving
  • Turning / shielding
  • Defending
  • Shooting
  • Attacking
  • Crossing
  • Combination Play
  • Game Play (Movement)
  • Decision making on and off the ball

Goalkeeper skill centre will also focus on:

  • Starting position
  • Handling
  • Diving
  • Crosses
  • Angles
  • Breakaway
  • Decision Making