New to LUSA (Langley United Soccer Association) or need some info quickly; here is a list of or most Frequently Asked Questions – you can also search across all of the questions below too.

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On March 1st each year Tax Receipts become available for the previous year. Use the link below to go via our registration tools to access tax receipts.


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Langley United has 14 Adult competitive teams made up of Men’s and Women’s teams from U21 to open as well as Masters (35 and up) and up and playing at a variety of levels from Division 4 up to the Premier Division.

If you are interested in joining us contact Azad Palani via [email protected]

If you’re just seeking a non competitive ‘pick up’ style experience LUSA also offers a Mom’s and Dad’s Program that runs in parallel to the Fall. and Spring Seasons on Sunday evenings that is run by LUSA Staff coaches, check our registrations section for more information and current programs.

Yes; as well as all the information on the LUSA website, by searching for official or referee in the website search on every page of this website, you can also go to BC Soccer’s FAQs here.

Langley United has been the centre of the Community in Langley since 1926 and has continued to grow in size and excellence as our community continues to grow. This includes investment into the infrastructure with the Township of Langley to help provide the fields too.

With Soccer for Life as our core principle, whether you child aspires to the upper levels of the game or has disabilities there are programs within LUSA for all ages and abilities. Beyond the over 4,000 children from U4 to U18 in the programs (Core is U6 to U18) there is a growing and successful adult program too as well as some for Mom’s and Dad’s.

As a holder of the Canadian Soccer National Youth License and a member of the BC Soccer Charter program Langley United meets and exceeds the highest levels of technical and organizational excellence with the aim to bring the best experience to everyone involved in the club and the community.

Yes, our Director of Officials and his team will not only give you feedback after games if they are present but also sharpen your skills using video clips and quizzes from the professional game to help you improve.

LUSA host courses for referees (2 refreshers, one small sided course, and one entry level course) per season; however, due to COVID-19, these are not running at the moment until we receive further notice from no from BC Soccer.

We believe many of the courses (or a big chunk or them) will be online when we return but again until BC Soccer advise everyone will have to wait to find out, as soon as LUSA is advised there will be updates made.

The Director of Officials will attend as many games as possible to see Officials in action and will provide more feedback to help the Official improve instead of formal assessment; assessments do come into play as the officials become more qualified and wish to move up in Referee / Official Development.

For the all officials, especially our younger participants we want to make it as fun for them on the field as the players and our Respect Program is paramount for all levels of play.

The Referee Development Pathway from BC Soccer is available here.

Yes, our Director of Officials and his team hold an entry level course designed for new officials at the start of each season – these will be posted in the events on this website as the happen, but if you’re interested email [email protected] and you will be notified when the next course will be run.

As soon as you are 12 years of age you can be an official for LUSA, you will start off with small sided grassroots games after your entry level training course which are held every season and progress depending in age and ability to larger format games.

If you’re 11 and want to be ready to be an official at 12, contact [email protected] so that we can make you aware of the courses as the come up.

Yes, depending on the level and Age Group of the game you are officiating and if you are the Referee or Assistant Referee will determine the fee rate you are paid, the current rates are listed here.

When the children are at our Active Start level (U5 and U6) then we will always do our best to listen to all the requests to keep friends together.

As the children move up the age groups our Registrar and Age Group Coordinators will continue to do their best to keep friends together, but as the children get older it will depend firstly that they are in the same age group and ability streams to ensure all the children are playing the level where they can develop and have fun.

The question that every parent, guardian and coach asks and is the most difficult to answer before the start of each season!

There are a lot of factors that come into when practices take place; number of registered players and their age groups and how many teams can be formed.

The younger players will have the earlier sessions on the weekday practices and depending on age it may be one or two practices a week. Once practice days and times are set they will be the same for the entire season.

For games, the younger players will have a set day and time on a weekend day as all of their games will be in-house for the entire season; as they approach the youth level and start to play teams from other clubs both home in Langley or traveling these schedules are are typically released the Tuesday before the weekend of play at the latest, in many cases there is much more notice but it all depends on all the club’s involved submitting their schedules and where the games will be played.

Your coach will alway advise you when games are with as much notice as possible.

When you register for a Fall or Spring Season Program, as part of that registration process is a section asking about previous experience, both from within LUSA and from other teams too where you can provide details of the level of play which will assist our registrar and coordinators place your child or children with an appropriate team.

LUSA do not directly provide funding or financial aid but work with many of the core societies that provide support to allow your child to participate in organized sport.

For more information on these options click here; this link will also provide information as to what to do when you register for a Fall or Spring Season and to advise our registrar you are / will be applying for funding support.

Yes, LUSA provided a Soccer for Life program, as programs are scheduled and released the club will advise via our social media channels and website, also if you’ve already participated in a program you will get a direct email too.

The Soccer for Life program page is here, and is also available under the programs menu along with the rest of our regular programs.

Full programming for Spring and Fall Seasons start at the U6 level to U18, with these links providing all the general information you will need, check our registrations section for current program registrations that are open.

Our Skills Centre program has programming for U4 and U5 players as part of the Active Start initiative as an introduction to the fun of Soccer with a shorter schedule and core programming from U6 to U16 for outfield players and U6 to U18 for Goalkeepers.

No, for each season the coach is given all that is needed for practices and game day activities; balls in a net bag, pinnies, cones and flats, pump as well as first-aid kit and pop-up nets for he younger age groups. A goalkeeper jersey is also part of the coaches kit. The entire kit is collected at the start of each season and returned at the end of each season.

Many coaches add to this themselves over time with their own additions but you can be a LUSA coach without spending a penny on equipment.

If you’re new to coaching or not the first step is to get free coaches training that is appropriate to the age group you are coaching and as you move up through the age groups those courses will be made available prior to each season starting.

In addition if you have any questions or concerns, want some ideas or exercises to do with your team you can reach out to [email protected]. Also the LUSA Technical team and the Assistant Technical Director for your age group is also a great resource for support, you will also very often see them at your practices and/or games and are there to not only observe but to help you too if needed.

For younger age groups there is a single 1 hour practice on a weekday evening and another hour game on the weekend.

For the older age groups there are 2 x 1 hour practices on weekday evenings and a 1 hour to 1 and a half hour game on a weekend day.

As a coach with setup and take down of equipment etc. allow 90 minutes in total per the hour practice, for games too, anticipate adding an extra 30 minutes or so for team warmups, briefings etc.

With the older age groups from Youth upwards it is very typical for a team’s head coach to recruit a parent as a Team Manager to help with communications and scheduling / match score reporting so the coach isn’t doing everything.

All Coaches certification up to the level of Soccer for Life (which covers you from U13 to U18) is provided free of charge to all LUSA Coaches and is a requirement to he a coach within British Columbia with BC Soccer.

For more information on the coaches development pathway if you want to know the levels from U4 and up or want to pursue further certification please see here; also fee free to ask any of our Technical Team who can provide additional information.

Langley United is made up almost entirely of volunteers; from Executive positions, Age Group Coordinators, Coaches assistant Coaches, Team Managers, Officials as well as for one-off or short term events such as the LUSA Photo Days, Awards Ceremonies, Summer Camps etc.

We always need volunteers as players parents age out of the programs, move away or have other priorities take over. There is always someone to help you through getting familiar with your chosen way to help LUSA and your community at large.

To find our what roles currently have vacancies please click here and to find out more about each one email [email protected]

When you register your child for a Spring or Fall Season program there is an option to add yourself as a volunteer and that includes Head Coach or Assistant Coach.

If you’re already certified at the appropriate age group level we will just need confirmation of that and info about your certification and training.

If you’re new to coaching then our Registrar and/or technical team will reach out to you to get you information on the next courses available for your age group and support you fully as you start.

You will also need to do a free criminal record check (CRC) with all the details on how to do that here.

The other coach specific FAQs and the Coaches page also provide great resources as well as the LUSA staff.