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Welcome to LUSA (Langley United Soccer Association) Resources; this page holds the guides, policies, procedures and additional resources for all those involved within Langley United Soccer Association or curious to know more; from player development, officials, coaches and important parent / guardian guidelines and assistance. This page starts with all the FAQs for Parents, Coaches, Officials and Volunteers.

Resources are listed in sections related to the area they cover, and will either link to further into this page, other pages on this website or other sites such as BC Soccer or Canadian Soccer Association to allow you to view and download the documents as needed.

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  • Why should I select LUSA for my child?
  • How young can my child be to register with LUSA?
  • We’ve just moved from another area/club; how does LUSA ensure my child on the right team for their ability?
  • What Programs are available through LUSA?
  • What funding options for payment are available for LUSA Programs?
  • How far can my child’s development go with LUSA; do you have access to Elite Programs?
  • How does my child move from the Youth Program to the Adult Program?
  • At what age will my child be travelling with their team for games?
  • Where are the games played?
  • How many practices will there be?

Player Safety

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  • I’m interested in Coaching and I want to know more?
  • I’ve never coached before, does LUSA help out?
  • How do I get an NCCP #?
  • How do I get my Free LUSA Criminal Record Check (CRC)?
  • How often do I need do my (CRC)?
  • Will LUSA Staff Coaches help me?
  • Do I need to supply any equipment myself?
  • Goal Post Safety

Coaches Practice and Game Day needs and support

  • Emergency Action Plan

Langley United Soccer Association (LUSA) adhere to, support endorse and promote these following programs of inclusion, equality and respect:   


  • I’m interested in being an Official and want to learn how
  • What are the Officials Fees for games at each level?
  • What is the development pathway for Officials
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  • I’m interested in Volunteering for LUSA and want to learn how
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Langley United (LUSA) Policies and Procedures

  • LUSA Constitution and By-Laws
  • LUSA Privacy Policy
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Emergency Action Plan – An essential document for every coach for every game; download and keep the Emergency Action Plan, complete it and use it for every game and practice. Ensure all involved are aware of the plan so that if needed your emergency action plan goes into action smoothly. Download the Plan here.