Whitecaps Ticket Program

Every year for the last 10 years LUSA has had an appreciation event hosted by Vancouver Whitecap FC.


Every year, approximately 100 LUSA kids will have the opportunity to experience special volunteer roles; before and during this game. LUSA players (ages 5-18) will participate in Whitecaps game night as player escorts, flag bearers, ball retrievers, benchwarmers, and more.


  1. The volunteer activity selections are made via a random draw. To enter your child(ren)’s names in the draw, you must email [email protected] and provide their names and ages.
  2. This is random draw, meaning we cannot guarantee that if one child from your family or team is selected, that others will also be. Last year we had over 350 names in the draw!
  3. All selected volunteers must have a purchased ticket to the game.
  4. The draw for volunteers will take place a few weeks before the event


Parents and coaches, this is a great opportunity for a fun family outing or team windup activity. There is no limit to how many tickets you can order, while seats are available. These special pricing tickets through [email protected] are only $25 each, including all taxes and fees.

I hope to see you there!

Jeff Ingwersen
LUSA / Whitecaps Ticket Coordinator

Langley United Soccer Association

[email protected]

Want to attend any other Whitecaps game?

Vancouver Whitecaps season schedule is available for you to download https://www.whitecapsfc.com/schedule.

Special Langley United pricing for all Caps home games (subject to availability).

As a general reminder, LUSA’s partnership with the Whitecaps allows Langley United members (plus families and friends) to buy tickets to any Whitecaps home game for just $25 including taxes. Tickets for all games are now available for purchase through [email protected]

Note: Langley United doesn’t make money on ticket purchases; this is simply an opportunity for our club to get a good price on Caps tickets and take your family out to a professional soccer match for a reasonable price. 

For full details on the Whitecaps ticket program with LUSA follow the link to the details you can download 

2020 Season Ticket information