LUSA Photo Day – October 14th – 15th

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Dear Members,

As previously communicated, there has been a change in the venue for our picture days due to unforeseen circumstances. The event will proceed this weekend as planned, maintaining the same schedule. The new location is 22661 Fraser Highway in Langley. Look out for the LUSA flags that will be placed on either side of the entrance to the parking lot.

Please be aware that this year, parking might be a bit more challenging as there are other businesses on the same property, resulting in a higher volume of people coming and going. If you find it difficult to park at the venue, there’s a Big Box Outlet nearby, as well as street parking on 228th which is a short walk away, which could be  good alternatives.

We strongly encourage carpooling this year whenever possible to alleviate parking congestion.

To ensure a seamless entry and exit from the property secured off of Fraser Highway, we will require the cooperation of every member. Please refer to the attached site map for information on vehicle flow, player drop-off, and designated parking. Recommend that you approach the property from the East bound lanes of Fraser Highway for easiest entry!

Here are some important guidelines for the event:

  • **Every car entering the property must drop their player off before seeking parking at the designated player drop-off point.
  • There will be 10×10 tents at the drop-off zone, and all players will be staged inside a covered warehouse to shield them from any inclement weather.
  • Once you’ve parked, there is a parent waiting area at the rear of the building should you wish to lead your youth back to the vehicle. All players will be exiting at the rear of the building.
  • Parents will not be allowed inside the staging area.
  • Please have photo envelopes filled out prior to arriving at the venue and coaches please have roster forms filled out with all players names. Remember to arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled photo time.

The Photo envelopes are still available for pickup at the Willoughby community park clubhouse anytime in the evening when the front door is open for one person from each team to pick up.

Special Note ***

U14 girls team Falcons will be selling donuts, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate as a fundraiser.
$2 a donut 
$10 1/2 dozen 
$20 / dozen 
Coffee $2
Tea $2 
Hot chocolate $2 

We are still looking for volunteers for this event. Please consider volunteering in one of the below time slots to make this event a huge success again this year.

Saturday October 14

Group C 3:45PM – 7:15PM

Sunday October 15

Group E 12:45PM – 4:00PM

Group F 3:45PM – 7:15PM

We anticipate 90 cars and 6 teams to be on site at any given time, so please be cautious when maneuvering in and out of designated parking areas, and be mindful of your speed when entering and exiting the property.

By following these instructions, we are confident that we can ensure a smooth and safe photo session. We greatly appreciate your support in helping us make LUSA PROUD.

Marcel Horn
Executive Director

Email: [email protected]