Accessibility & Inclusion

Langley United Soccer Association believes that a quality soccer environment embraces diversity, supports accessibility, and demonstrates inclusion. Since participants’ first sport experiences usually happen at the community level, we must ensure that these experiences are positive, enjoyable, developmentally-appropriate, and safe. 

In addition, access to sport should be as barrier-free as possible through programs, services, and support that meet individual needs and interests. “A safe, welcoming and inclusive sport system is one where those in every role in sport (athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers, board members and administrators), feel that: they belong and are valued; their voices are heard; they have a right to choice and consent; they face no inequitable barriers to leadership roles, and they are encouraged and supported to take these on if they so choose, and there are people like them among every role in the sporting system” (Canadian Paralympic Committee, 2019). 

Langley United fully support the Canada Soccer Guide to Accessibility and Inclusion, as an element of the Canada Soccer Club Licensing Program, presents information, resources, and guidance to support the development of accessible, inclusive, and welcoming soccer environments. “Becoming a diverse and inclusive organization is an ongoing process and is about developing the capacity to become more diverse and inclusive, which will help to ensure that issues of inclusivity are considered on a regular basis.