Fall Season

Langley United Soccer Association (LUSA) offers Fall soccer programs from U4 to Adult We are a member club that is recognized by the Canada Soccer Association and BC Soccer as a model organization. We provide the best in soccer developmental programs for all skill levels from grassroots through recreational to the elite high performance player. 

LUSA runs youth programming for boys & girls ranging from the U4 age group all the way up to Senior Men & Women. All of LUSA’s programs meet and exceed the requirements of the Canadian Soccer Association’s (CSA) LTPD: Wellness to World Cup (long term player development) and have been designed to provide players of ALL skill levels an opportunity to learn, grow and develop at their own individual pace. 

See below for descriptions of all our Fall Programs.

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LUSA provides a full game kit (jersey, shorts, socks) to each player in our team programming. Each player is responsible for having his own soccer shoes and shin pads; otherwise, the player will not be permitted to participate in training or games.

LUSA branded training apparel and team gear is available through our new in-house apparel program. See link (graphic) at top of page for more information on sizing and ordering.  

U4 & U5 (Co-ed – Active Start Program

LUSA runs a 8 to 10 week program for players as an introduction to sports and soccer. The program runs once a week beginning in early September, usually on Sunday afternoon / early evening. Exact day/time/location is made available 2 weeks to program start. The program is coached and run by LUSA Staff Coaches with the assistance from some of our Youth players giving back to the game they’ve learned to love.

There is a requirement that parents partake in some of the activities, which would include keeping the ball within the playing area, motivating the players by cheering and encouraging. All programming is outdoors. 

LUSA runs the Active Start Program 3 times per year. Fall, Winter, and in the Spring.

Questions can be directed to LUSA’s Director of Grassroots at [email protected]

U6 to U10 Grassroots (non-co-ed)

LUSA’s Grassroots Soccer program is one that has been emulated throughout the lower mainland, and has been recognized as setting the standard by the CSA and BCSA. Our program is based upon the Canadian Soccer Associations guidelines & recommendations under the Wellness to World Cup program.

Age Group # PlayersTiers
U63 aside (no GoalKeepers)Early Born and Late Born
U74 aside (3+ GK)Yellow, Blue & White
U85 aside (4+ GK)Yellow, Blue & White
U96 aside (5 + GK)Yellow, Blue & White
U107 aside (6 + GK)Yellow, Blue & White

U6 players may be placed into teams based on school catchment, home address, and requests. (ideal team/local placement is not guaranteed, every effort will be made.)

The schedule will be released in late August. Our priority is to keep teams balanced and to create playing environments that allow for development for all players. The coaches and players will be assigned and practices/games will begin by mid-September. 

U8-U10 teams will be adjusted each season based on previous season’s observations and rosters. Movement between pathways will be initiated by the LUSA technical department upon recommendation from coaches, staff, and if necessary, a brief observation session. Movement is still possible as our pathways in grassroots remain fluid and contant.U6 – U8 teams will train 1x per week for 60’ and have 1 game each weekend within the 60’ allotted time slot. U6 and U7 will begin outdoors for their 1x training and then move in to gymnasiums mid-October.  U9 and U10 teams train 2x a week for 60’ and have 1 game each weekend within the 60’ allotted time slot. All games for all age groups are outdoors and U8-U10, all programming is outdoors. Parents will receive initial contact in late August. Training begins the first second week of September.  Teams will be formed through the process as outlined in the LUSA Long-Term Player Development Program. Players are placed into groups first with volunteer coaches begin assigned to teams AFTER the teams are formed (not the other way around). The club and teams take a winter break around mid December, resuming in early January. The season continues until early March (around spring break) including our year-end jamboree weekend.

Parents will receive initial contact in Late August. Training begins the first week of September, dependent on age group. Teams will be formed through the process as outlined in the LUSA Long-Term Player Development Program. The program involves one weeknight training session and one weekend game day per week. However at the U10 developmental level we do suggest that two training sessions are held. The club and teams take a winter break around the first week of December, resuming in early/mid January. The season continues until early March (around spring break) including our year-end windup Mini-World Cup Tournament Event.


U11 to U12 (non co-ed)

LUSA runs a full complement of select programs for players of the Under 11 and Under 12 age groups in addition to our House program for players at these age groups.

Age Group # PlayersTiers
U118 aside (incl. goalkeeper) Division 1, 2, 3, & 4 (House)
U128 aside (incl. goalkeeper) Division 1, 2, 3, & 4 (House)

At the highest select level, LUSA selects a group of 39 players for a player pool at the U11 age group and a group of 26 for the U12 player pool. These groups are coached by full-time staff coach who has no family connection to the players. These programs will train 3 times a week and a game on the weekend. The second and third tier teams will train twice a week. House teams train once a week.

Select Team rosters are finalized in the spring. Please contact the appropriate Age group coordinator for more info.

Click Here for Age Group Coordinators Contacts

U13 to U18 (Youth)

LUSA has Boys & Girls programs at the following tiers: House (Div 4), Division 1-3, Metro (at certain age groups) and BCSPL (intake stream 2008 only for Season 2020/21). Teams that are at the highest level of play in a certain age group (BCSPL/Metro/Div1) could be assigned a staff coach and will be eligible to train three times a week. All other programs will train twice a week.

Age Group # PlayersTiers
U13 to U1811 aside (incl. goalkeeper) Metro, Division 1, 2, 3, & 4 (House)
U13 to U1811 aside (incl. goalkeeper) BC Soccer Premier League (BCSPL) 

Senior Men’s

Langley United Soccer Association offers senior players the opportunity to play in the FVSL (various divisions). 

Players interested in joining these teams for the upcoming or future seasons should submit their contact information, birth date, & brief playing history to [email protected]

Senior Women’s

Langley United offer Senior Women’s programming.

Players interested in joining this team for the upcoming or future seasons should submit their contact information, birth date, & brief playing history to [email protected]