Coaching Mentorship Program


LUSA Volunteer Coaches can apply to be involved with the LUSA Coach Mentorship program. Interested participants would become actively involved in dialogue, and apprentice coaching duties with the LUSA Club Head Coach and Staff Coaches. The level of commitment is at the discretion of the participant and should be discussed with the Technical Head Coach.


Initial meeting with LUSA Head Coach (Mandatory)
Overview of Mentorship Program
Overview of Coaching Principles and Athlete needs assessment
Overview of Technical Material
Question and Answer
Enrolment in Appropriate BCSA Coaching Clinics

Apprentice Coach Duties

The apprentice coach will be invited to attend any or all player development sessions most pertinent to the coaches current coaching position.

The apprentice coach will work along side staff coaches who conduct the LUYSA player development programs.

Through this involvement the coach can expect to gain valuable knowledge and material that can be used to improve current coaching standards

Apprentice Coach will receive Practice Plan samples to use in team practices

Apprentice Coach will hear the valuable feedback being provided to the players, and learn the various coaching techniques used to run a successful practice.

Feedback Sessions

If the apprentice coach wishes they can arrange for evaluation sessions where the club head coach views the coach in a team practice session. The apprentice coach will receive written feedback on the practice and given constructive points on how to improve.

Any coach wishing to be involved in the LUYSA coaching mentorship program should contact LUSA’s Technical Director