Langley United Soccer Association recognizes many of it’s outstanding teams, players, coaches, and volunteers each year at a ceremony prior to it’s AGM. Nominations for each award are accepted starting in March of each year. Notification of nominations etc. will be made via email and on the LUSA website. 

“Wally Ross Memorial Trophy÷
 – Donated by Bob & Arlene Ross. A memorial to Bob’s father. Bob himself was a coach and director with LUSA, Arlene was the registrar for many years. It is awarded for exceptional long term contributions by a volunteer. Usually in the resigning year of the recipient.
2010/11 Martin Middleton 
2011/12 No recipient 
2012/13 Martin Buehler 

(Janice Sherman Volunteer Recognition÷
 – Janice Sherman continues to be a volunteer for Soccer in Langley after retiring from LUSA in 2004. Her projects include the BC Soccercentral and the Langley Labor Day Tournament Websites. Jan knows how many hours are involved with the many tasks required to run a club and she donated this award in 1998 to recognize all other valuable volunteers for youth soccer. It is awarded for multi-faceted contributions to the club.             
2010/11 Linda Smith and Anne-Marie Middleton 
2011/12 Carla Pardetti
2012/13 Melonie Stewart 

(Janice Sherman Top LUSA Coach÷
 – Janice Sherman retired as the Langley United web mistress (2004), to focus on BC Soccercentral and the Langley Labour Day Tournament websites. Jan donated this award in 1982 and her site continues today as a lifeline to the many clubs from Hope to Vancouver Island and as far as Squamish for schedules, standings and other related information for Youth Soccer. It is awarded for exceptional technical and leadership abilities.   
2010/11 Lee Marshall
2011/12 Bernie Kragt
2012/13 Ian Smith 

“Wanda Massie Most Inspirational Coach÷
– Donated by Randy Fraser in memory of Wanda. Wanda was a LUSA coach and an avid soccer player. She loves the game and kids. Norm Massie, Wanda’s husband, and their boys, often presents this award. It is awarded for the ability to make soccer fun and promoting sportsmanship by example.
2010/11 Will Van Dyck 
2011/12 Stephan Neff
2012/13 Marcel Horn 

(LUSA Grassroots Coach of the Year Award (
– LUSA Perpetual award. Awarded to the top grassroots level coach. It is awarded to recognize the efforts of our top volunteer coaches in building the game in Langley at the grassroots level.
2009/10 Carole McCarthy
2010/11 Arnout Stams
2011/12 Paul Marshall
2012/13 Adam Woelders 

“Annie Flowerdew Sportsmanship Award÷
– The Flowerdew Family donated many trophies to minor sports in Langley. This award named after Annie Flowerdew, wife of Mr. Eric Flowerdew. Eric Flowerdew was a School Trustee, Township Councillor and member of the Langley Hospital Board. He was instrumental in procuring the initial Parks and Recreation Budget appropriation and in the hiring of the late Mr. Pete Swensson, Langley’s Township’s first Recreation Director. Awarded to a team for positive attitude and strong sportsmanship in play.
2010/11 Langley United U14 Selects, Coach Jordan Rosenlund 
2011/12 Langley United U13 Metro, Coach Will Bailie
2012/13 Langley United Boys U14 Div 2, Coach Ian Smith 

“Justin Priebe Memorial Trophy÷
-Awarded in memory of Justin Priebe, who was a youth player for Langley United Soccer Association for many years. As an adult, Justin was very active in the community and continued his involvement with Langley United by volunteering countless hours as a coach, as well as giving freely of his time to assist the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Langley.
Awarded to a female team for positive attitude and strong sportsmanship in play.
2012/13 Langley United U13 Div 3, Coach Shane Yarwood

“LUSA’s President’s Trophy for Outstanding Boys Team÷
– LUSA Perpetual award. It is awarded for performance above expectation and exceptional achievement.
2010/11 Langley United U13 Gold, Coach Scott Howey 
2011/12 Langley United U14 Silver, Coach Rich Smallwood
2012/13 Langley United U16 Div 1, Martin Buehler  

“LUSA’s President’s Trophy for Outstanding Girls Team÷
-LUSA Perpetual award. It is awarded for performance above expectation and exception achievement. 
2012/2013 Langley United U17 Div 1, Coach Gary Reid

“LUSA’s Most Promising Youth Referee÷
– LUSA perpetual award. Awarded for punctuality, reliability, and demonstrating leadership qualities.
2010/11 Mitchell Delgado
2011/12 Emma Coyle
2012/13 Corray Moore 

“Paul Gademan Memorial÷
– Donated by the Gademan family in memory of Paul who died accidentally while he was a U17 player. The Gademan family continues to love the sport of soccer. Most promising U-17 player. Awarded for excellence in technical skills and demonstration of team leadership.
2010/11 Daniel Goodey
2011/12 Elie Gindo
2012/13 Kieran Jenkins / Kim Bauder 

“Chad Seebach Memorial÷
– Donated by the Jim Pattison News Group for the Seebach Family in memory of Chad who died in a car accident. Chad began playing at the U6 level with LUSA. He showed a love for soccer and continued into adult league. Chad always demonstrated that if you work hard and want something bad enough, you could make things happen. Most promising U-18 player. Awarded for excellence in technical skills and demonstration of team leadership.
2010/11 Nigel Middleton
2011/12 Ryan Smith
2012/13 Mitchell Urzinger / Mel Kwiatkoski 

“Robbie King Memorial÷
– Donated by Legends in Time for the King Family in memory of Robbie. Robbie, in his own quiet way, showed his commitment to soccer and leadership. He never quit trying. Most inspirational U-17 player.Awarded for leadership skills, sportsmanship and commitment to soccer.
2010/11 Robbie Stewart
2011/12 Trevor Barnes
2012/13 Bailey Jacobsen / Kara Lockhart 

“David Rayner Memorial÷
– Donated by Bruce Medjuck in memory of David Rayner who died tragically in a car accident in 2002. David and his brother Simon both played for LUSA during their youth years. Silver or Bronze U17 Player. Awarded to the player who demonstrates soccer as fun and also promotes sportsmanship.
2010/11 Keiran Griffiths
2011/12 Nic De Biasio
2012/13 Josh (Mickey) McHale / Haley Hampton 

“Jonathan Filer Memorial Most Promising Goalkeeper÷
– Donated by the Filer Family in loving memory of Jonathan who died tragically Oct. 31st. 2004. Jonathan was an avid soccer player and loved all sports. His presence was evident with any sport he participated in. From setting up and lining fields, to officiating for both LUSA & LGSA, to coaching, Jon did it all. He was passionate about, and very proud to be, a Keeper. Jon’s desire to strive to be the best he could be was often demonstrated throughout the soccer pitches in Langley. Langley United would like to recognize Jonathan’s passion by awarding this trophy to a goalkeeper who enjoys the game as Jon did. Wholeheartedly!! (Forever In Our Hearts with Langley United Soccer Association÷. Awarded for the love of soccer. This keeper should demonstrate a great passion for the sport, possess leadership qualities, and show a great willingness to participate in all aspects of the game.
2010/11 Jared Lively
2011/12 Taro Boccia
2012/13 Steven Kwak / Mikayla Yarwood 

(LUSA 11 Boys Team÷
-LUSA Perpetual Award. Awarded to the top 11 youth male players (U13-U18).
2010/11 Jared Lively, Vaggeli Boucas, Graham Kasper, Nigel Middelton, John Kasper, Joel Harrison, Cameron McDonald, Dean Ellenwood, Braeden Owen, Josh Brown, Andre Kott 
2011/12 Taro Boccia, Brandon Lee, Daniel Dejo, Ryan Smith, Kieran Jenkins, Elie Gindo, Kord Stevens, Bailey Jacobsen, Gino Paolella, Riley Flint, Trey Lyons
2012/13 Alasdair Coyle, Jesse Seward, Nick Colyn, Grant Nataros, Matt Buehler, Mitchell Urzinger, Nathaniel Peters, Kieran Jenkins,  Steve Kwak, Trevor Miller, Ryan Schmunk 

(LUSA 11 Girls Team÷
-LUSA Perpetual Award. Awarded to the top 11 youth female players (U13-U18).
2012/13 Mikayla Yarwood, Kimberly Bauder, Kara Lockhart, Emma Copley, Kayla Weltzin, Jessica Bhullar, Jenna Mitchell, Courtney Johnson, Larissa DeWolff, Brenna Lewis, Emma Clifton

(LUSA Technical Department Award of Merit÷
2011/12 Bruce Laidlaw
2012/13 Kirk McFarlane

(LUSA U21 Player of the Year÷
2011/12 Nate Turner
2012/13 Danielle Chard

(LUSA Senior Player of the Year÷
2012/13 Kyle Jarman