LUSA Referee Muniel Paran takes centre for Whitecaps U15 Game!

LUSA would like to congratulate Muniel Paran for his Whitecaps U-15 Boys appointment on Sunday, October 04 2020.

Muniel is one of the referees who started as a small sided referee with LUSA. His hard work, dedication and love for refereeing make him better as a referee in many ways. He always asks how he can improve. Last year, Muniel was also appointed to the BCSPL finals.

Director or Officials Rubin Smilev commented ‘Muniel, have a great match, and I am so proud of your hard work.’

Interested in following Muniel’s path? Reach out to Rubin at [email protected] for more information, you can become a referee from 12 years of age.