What days and times are practices and games on?

The question that every parent, guardian and coach asks and is the most difficult to answer before the start of each season!

There are a lot of factors that come into when practices take place; number of registered players and their age groups and how many teams can be formed.

The younger players will have the earlier sessions on the weekday practices and depending on age it may be one or two practices a week. Once practice days and times are set they will be the same for the entire season.

For games, the younger players will have a set day and time on a weekend day as all of their games will be in-house for the entire season; as they approach the youth level and start to play teams from other clubs both home in Langley or traveling these schedules are are typically released the Tuesday before the weekend of play at the latest, in many cases there is much more notice but it all depends on all the club’s involved submitting their schedules and where the games will be played.

Your coach will alway advise you when games are with as much notice as possible.

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